MTA Industries Ltd.


At MTA Industries Ltd., we go above and beyond to ensure your peace of mind and seamless operations through our cutting-edge platform, MTA Trademaster™.

This proprietary web-based trading platform is the cornerstone of our good corporate governance practices, integrating Products, Order Management, Quality Control Reporting, and Shipment Tracking into one cohesive hub.

With TradeMaster™, you gain round-the-clock access to your China/Southeast Asia orders and supply chain status.
This means 24/7 visibility into crucial aspects such as:

In combination with dedicated MTA Project Managers, Engineers & Shipping team clients access to TradeMaster, MTA work to provide a 100% transparent view into your supply chain. Our platform simplifies the intricacies of logistics, empowering you to effortlessly manage your business. 

With TradeMaster™ handling the complexities, you can concentrate wholeheartedly on developing and expanding your brand, knowing that your operations are in expert hands.

At MTA Industries, we redefine efficiency, ensuring your focus remains where it matters most – on your brand’s growth and success.