MTA Industries Ltd.


With a rich history spanning over three decades, MTA Industries Ltd. has been an integral player in the realm of global trade and product development. With on the ground operations in South East Asia and with in-market presence in the USA and Australia, our global presence is a testament to our commitment to fostering international partnerships. Over the years, we’ve honed our expertise in product design and development, crafting efficient supply chains, servicing esteemed Fortune 500 retailers and renowned brand names. At MTA, we are staunch advocates of a hands-on approach to partnership development, as we firmly believe it’s the key to success in the global marketplace.

Our clientele is as diverse as our global footprint, ranging from nimble start-ups embarking on Kickstarter campaigns to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as globally recognized brands and multi-national corporations. With our on-the-ground teams, engineers, and inspectors strategically positioned in key locations, we are uniquely poised to deliver excellence across the global landscape.

At MTA Industries Ltd., we don’t just follow the industry’s best practices; we set them, shaping a future where innovation and integrity thrive hand in hand.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability extends to our subsidiary, EmTech, and their groundbreaking brand, Enviro Hide. We don’t just pay lip service; we take concrete action to create brands we wholeheartedly endorse.


EmTech’s Enviro Hide is not your typical product; it’s a game-changing, award-winning alternative to traditional leather. What sets it apart is its unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. Enviro Hide is crafted from recycled leather products, drastically reducing waste and conserving resources. It’s a pioneer in sustainability, using a mere 10% of the water required in its production compared to traditional leather.

But here’s the real game-changer: Enviro Hide is a fully recyclable material, ensuring that it can be reused again and again. At MTA, we’re proud to support EmTech’s Enviro Hide, a true embodiment of our commitment to sustainable innovation. Learn more about EmTech here.


At MTA Industries Ltd., we believe in conducting business with unwavering principles. We only partner with factories that meet global social compliance standards, including the United Nations Social Accountability Standards. These standards are non-negotiable, and we’ve refined them over years of working in South East Asia.

We understand the impact of negative publicity on your brand, so we require all factories to sign a social compliance Code of Conduct. Our dedicated quality control inspectors continually monitor for Social Accountability issues and work closely with factories to address any concerns. With a shared mission to advance workers’ human rights globally, we’re part of a network of ethical global brands committed to a No Tolerance policy. At MTA, integrity and social responsibility are at the core of our partnerships and operations.


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