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About MTA

About MTA Industries Ltd.

MTA Industries Ltd. is a Hong Kong-headquartered consumer hard goods and Asia-sourcing solution, with a profound respect for building brand equity through ideation, a drive to increase revenue and a mission to manage risk.

We specialize in supply chain management of high-volume, time-sensitive goods for leading retailers, brands, online retailers, and direct selling distribution channels worldwide.

We design tailored brand equity management and supply chain solutions with dedicated teams to meet specific product and market needs in partnership with you, the client.

From product design, raw material sourcing and production management to quality control, vendor compliance, logistics and shipping, our spectrum of services covers the entire supply chain end-to-end, with risk management and transparency built into each step.

Since our primary business function is to assist companies that want to have a base in Asia, but who do not want the fixed costs involved such as offices, staff, setting up of legal entities, taxes etc., we have offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Hangzhou.  In  addition we have engineers and inspectors located in all key manufacturing areas of China, and in   Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur.

Our senior management and key staff driving merchandising and risk management have been resident in Asia and in operating and building our infrastructure since 1990.

MTA Industries Ltd. is committed to the highest operational standards, conducting our business with integrity and good corporate governance practices with an emphasis on transparency and accountability. Compliance considerations are embedded into our corporate policies and risk management systems.

As well as rigorous independent quality testing protocols, a key tool in this endeavor is our proprietary web-based trading platform – MTA Trademaster™ – from which you the client partner can view the status of your projects, quotations, product specification sheets, product testing protocols and resulting lab test reports, inspections, and all your shipments, 24 hours a day.

O U R   M I S S I O N

To form long term, mutually beneficial, transparent partnerships. Your success is our success.

To build dedicated teams who will work every day to service your needs.

To be reliable partners and people you can trust.

To build your business through referral to like-minded entities.

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